Will a car owner’s car insurance cover damages if a minor child caused the accident?


Teenagers have wanted to drive cars since the day they can think. From the time they have seen their fathers and mothers drive them to different places, they have always been curious and excited to try it as well. That is why there has become a need for parents to teach or enroll their children to driving schools.

However, it is normal for teenagers or minors to be in accidents because of the lack of experience. There are times when children of car owners get into wrecks or even worse, total the cars of their parents. That is why a very common question is, will the insurance policy of the car owner cover the damages caused by his or her minor child?

The answer can be either yes or no. If the car owner has included his or her child in the insurance policy coverage, then the damages caused by the minor will be covered for sure. But if the policy does not included anyone else but the policy holder, then it might be trouble. The car owner and parent of the child will most likely need to bring money from their own account and pay the other party who have been involved in the accident and has no fault, whatsoever.

Most of the time, parents are wondering whether they will be held liable for the actions of their children. The answer will sometimes depend on the state jurisdiction that they are in, or where the accident happened. However, parents are encouraged to always accompany their children first if they still do not feel confident to leave them with the parent’s car alone.

In doing so, parents will have a better peace of mind and they will also save their own children and other people on the streets from any accident which can be caused by inexperienced drivers such as their children.

That is why it is always the best choice to have an insurance policy that will cover almost everyone in their family, especially minors. Because insurance policies will come in very handy especially during driving situations because driving will always be a matter of life and death. Being on the road is very crucial because sometimes, no matter how safe drivers are, there will still be other drivers who are not safe at all. Such drivers are reckless and such driving trait can cost someone’s life, anytime, anywhere.