Why should you be cautious in settling right away in an agreement when claiming money after a car accident?


After an accident you may more likely be hasty in agreeing on the first amount the car insurance company has offered you. But remember that the adjusters of car insurance companies has the job to ensure that the claim is settled quickly and cheaply as possible for the car insurance company to save money. Once an accident occurs, always try to fix your composure and simply calm down. Rushing ahead would not do anything worth doing.

After you had an agreement, the insurance company will make sure that you won’t have the chance to sue them after you had your money, so they ask you sign a form called Release and Weaver. It is a legal document so asking an attorney would be a good thing to do. Because after you sign the document and you have received your money, you can no longer sue the other party if ever your previous injuries from the accident, for example, back pains returned after you have signed the Release and Weaver. Understanding first the content of what you will be signing is advisable and a lawyer makes sure that you understand such conditions. And so before signing a Release and Weaver as an advice consult an attorney. And in case you suffered injuries from the accident consult also your physician for some information, because you are may be feeling better but they could still be problems that might occur in the long run that has connections on what you have suffered from the accident.