When other people are driving my car, are they covered by the insurance policy?


Most people are reluctant of having their friends, brothers or relatives to drive their cars for them because they are not sure if they could still claim insurance policies or if other people are covered by the policy. Who is insured to drive your vehicle? Is your spouse or daughter allowed by the policy to drive? Will your claims be still in effect in case your car bumped into another and your spouse is driving it instead of you?

The insurance giants are also aware of the circumstances in which you let other people drive your insured car. They have been doing business long enough that they have anticipated the chances in which the insured car will face an accident when it is driven by another instead of the policy holder. Every insurance policy has covered some conditions when a car insured is not driven by the title holder.

There are a lot of provisions given by insurance companies to cover your car insurance. Most provisions include your spouse. When you apply for a car insurance plan, your spouse’s information is included as well. Insurers automatically assume that your spouse, as your better-half, is also entitled to drive your car.

Children are not automatically covered by every insurance policy. Your children can be included in your list if they are at the right age and they have a valid driver’s license. Some insurance companies require children to be listed before being included in the policy coverage. This may seem unfair for most but reality would show that most young drivers have higher risk for accidents. It is advisable that insurance policy holders should talk to their agents if they want their children to be included in the list.

There are some instances when other people like friends are not enlisted but you can’t say no when they ask you to drive your car. Permission is necessary. Most insurance companies allow other people to be covered by the insurance policy as long as you have granted them permission to do so.

Most insurance policies are not very strict with their rules regarding who can drive your car. They may set some guidelines and make sure you have to adhere to these in order for the policy to work. Some may include guidelines that allow only those people living in the same household or those not below 21 years old. Policies vary. Talk to your insurance agents about the terms before opting to be insured in one car insurance plan.