What would be the rights of a person who had not reported the accident immediately to the insurance company?


Handling auto claims and arriving at spot settlements is a huge mistake when insurance is available to the car insurance policyholder. Insurance companies visit the car repair shops and insist that the repairs are properly carried out and they relate to the actual damages. Further, apart from the initial assessment made mutually at the spot of the accident and settlement made on that basis, further damages could be found when the car is taken to the repair shop. It would be difficult to recover the costs of these damages from the other person. Similarly, unforeseen medical complications might occur at a later stage and the expenses for these would not have been anticipated when the settlement was made.

As such, it is important that the insurance companies of both parties involved in the accident be contacted immediately. If the other person refuses to provide information about his/her insurer, the help of a police officer could be availed or a claim could be filed in a court. When a summons is presented, the other person would immediately approach his/her insurer and they would come for negotiations. Further, if the other person does not have any insurance cover, the court would be the sole solution.