What things should you keep in mind while filing auto insurance claims?


Auto insurance claims are not the easiest to deal with, given that auto insurance providers are looking to keep their expenditure to a minimum. However, from the perspective of a car owner, there are certain things to keep in mind after an accident when it is time to file for auto insurance claims.

Do you need to file a claim?

You need to remember that every time you make an insurance claim, your stock goes down and insurance providers will charge you a greater premium in the future. Therefore the first decision one has to make is whether to go for the insurance claim or not. That would solely depend on the extent of the damage and the cost of repairs that one is staring at. However, if it is a minor accident and the cost is low, one would benefit by letting go of the insurance claim. In most cases, even the initial phone call enquiry would be added to the records.

Online checklist

It is a good idea to look for online checklists available for those trying to make insurance claims. This checklist will help one to look for all those details which will be required when one is trying to make a claim. After the accident, a car owner should document as many details about the accident as possible. You might also get a call from the insurance provider of the opposite party in case of a dispute. So you need to have a solid record or version of all the details. It is also important to file the claim as quickly as possible.

The actual damage repair

A lot of times, insurance companies would like to have their own consultant try to estimate the cost of damage repairs. This is where one has to be careful to ensure that they have their own mechanic take care of the damages. Sometimes when your car is totalled you might have added complications. Usually insurance providers try to make estimations based on wholesale dealer offers. But you must look for retail price or ask the insurance provider to give you a replacement car if they are convinced about a lower estimate. It is a good idea to keep all the maintenance records handy, to prove that the car is in good working condition. Cars with lower total mileage would usually be estimated to be of greater worth than cars which have been used a lot.