What Should You Keep In Mind In an Accident?


No matter how careful a driver is when on the road, it still does not mean that the driver and his passengers are safe from vehicular accidents. The worst aspect of an accident is that it comes a surprise. No one knows when, how and where an accident would occur. So, the best way to deal with accidents is to be prepared for them.

When in an accident, there are a few things that you must not forget to do.

  • First, after an accident you should always not panic. Panicking won’t do anything to settle the accident. If it does anything, it just makes the situation worse. So, before doing anything, you must take a deep breath and then clear your mind of anything.
  • You must always keep a pen and a notebook so in case an accident occur you would be able to fill in details about the accident. The things a policy holder must jot down after an accident are the name, license number and registration of the driver of the other involved party, if any. Then the policy holder must look for some witnesses and get their names and addresses. Also, do not forget to place when and where the accident occurred, the damages on another party’s car or someone else’s property and of course on the damages on your car.
  • Next, you must check if anyone is injured. If there are anyone injured during the accident, make sure to call an ambulance. Have a doctor document all the injuries you and other people got from the accident.
  • Then, call for a police to investigate whose fault the accident was or for what reason the accident occurred. One of the don’ts in an accident is for you to claim that the accident was your fault. Even if you think that it was, have an investigator check just in case it really wasn’t your fault.
  • After the accident, you must keep every bill you have paid for which are related to the accident. Repair bill, hospital bills and other bills are important so do not lose or throw them away.
  • Then file for an insurance claim.

Another one of the things you must know about insurance companies is that these companies are aware of people who make up stories for a claim. So, for the company to make sure that their clients are not lying they go as far as interrogating their policy holders using a lie detector as the policy holder recounts the incident. So, if you are a claimant, you have to be honest at all times.