What should I keep in mind while negotiating car insurance settlements?


Filing for auto insurance claims in case of a mishap and getting it approved is a task that is easier said than done. While customers would like the insurance company to pay out the money they have filed for, the providers will leave no stone unturned in bringing down the claim amount. Most often than not, you will have to be a skilled negotiator in order to create a win-win outcome in such situations. Here are some key tips that can come in handy while negotiating for the settlement.

If the insurance adjustor calls for a negotiation, don’t jump guns and meet him immediately. Ask for some time to do some groundwork. The first thing that you need to do is establish clarity on the minimum amount you can settle for. Set an amount that will help you cover the cost of repair and replacement without burdening your finances. Setting this figure in your mind is very crucial if you don’t want to feel cheated in the process.

The next tip is to avoid falling for the first settlement offer that the insurance adjustors ask for. Most often than not, the adjustors quote the lowest figure possible in order to minimize their losses. Be prepared for this and do not accept anything lesser than the figure you have set in your mind. If you feel the offer being made is way below the money you need to cover the cost of repairs, then ensure you ask the adjustors for a suitable explanation.

Remember not to lose your temper during the negotiation process as this can work in the favor of the opposition. Stay focused; negotiate with a calm mind and composed attitude. Make sure you quote the -amount you are looking for and justify it with a logical explanation. Do not bring down the figure drastically in just one move. This will show the adjustors that you are just rattling something off your mind without any forethought. Instead, decrease the amount in gradual steps until you reach the amount that is reasonable to you.

Before you file for claims or go in for negotiations, ensure you have a good knowledge about the entire process. In case you are not sure about it, do not think twice about engaging the services of a good attorney who can handhold you through the entire process.