What can a car owner do if the insurance of the other driver refuses to pay?


Of course, a car owner can always use his or her own coverage whenever their cars are involved in an accident. However, if the accident was not their fault, then they should definitely make the driver at fault pay and take responsibility for what he or she has done.

But being in accident is never a pretty picture. Often times, there are drivers who drive reckless and carelessly but do not want to take responsibility whenever there are certain actions that require consequences, such as hitting another car, or driving under the influence and other actions which cause accidents.

Most of the time, drivers have their own insurance coverage, which will make things easier for car owners who have been victims of such drivers. However, there are times when companies are stubborn and do not want to take responsibility for their policy holders.

In times like these, one option is to go to small claims court and file a complaint there. But such option will not assure proper action because some insurance companies have a legal defense department. That will mean that they have an attorney which will require you to have one as well. And everybody knows that hiring lawyers are very costly.

If car owners opt to hire an attorney, there will be instances where in the case will not be accepted because the it is more expensive to file a law suit than the case will be worth. Meaning, the money that car owners will spend in filing lawsuits will cost more than he or she will get from the insurance company.

Due to the higher cost of filing complaints, lawyers hired by the car owners will instead negotiate the amount that the claim is worth. Both parties will try to come up with an agreement, so that both car owners will be happy with the claims. After doing so, the lawyer will take a third of the money, which will be a big deduction to the fund for the repairs.

If the car owner does not want to hire a lawyer, then he or she can hire a subrogation company. The company can file a case against the company of the other party and make them pay the full amount due for the car repairs. In doing this, the car owner will not only save a lot of money, but he or she will not need to bring money from right out of their pockets.