What are the steps to file a successful auto insurance claim?


Filing auto insurance claims that are sure to get approved by the provider is a task that is easier said than done. Considering the fact that auto insurance providers are extremely picky to details when approving a claim, you have to ensure you have all the relevant details mentioned in the claim sheet in order to increase the chances of approval. Here are some simple steps that can prove to be very useful.

Decide whether to file a claim or not

An important thing that you should know about auto insurance policies is that the cost of the policy will go up, each time you file an auto insurance claim. So, before you fill the claim form, decide if you indeed need to file for it. If the damages caused to your car during the accident are minimal and you can afford the money for the repairs, it is best not to file for claims. Opt to file claims only when the damages are extensive and the cost is way beyond what you can pay for.

Fill out the claim worksheet

If you have decided to go in for filing claims, the next step is to fill out the claim worksheet. You can find this form on the website of the auto insurance service provider. You will need to click on the form, download it and get it printed. This worksheet will help you store all the details that are necessary while filing for the claim. Ensure you document all the details of the accident in this worksheet along with the witnesses who will stand by your story and their details.

File the claim

Do not delay filing the claim. The early you file the claim, the better it will be for you. Delaying the process of filing for claims will only erase the finer details of the accident from memory making it tough to substantiate your stand. If you are unsure about the process of filing for auto insurance claims, it is worth engaging the services of a good attorney who can hand hold you through the entire process.

Get the car fixed

After you have filed the claim, the insurance company will review the claim and approve it. You will then get a call from the provider who will either send an adjuster to assess the damages or ask you to take the car to a pre-approved car shop for repairs.