What Are The First Steps You Need To Take When You Get Into An Accident?


Should you be in the unfortunate circumstance of a vehicular accident, making contact with your car insurance company as early as possible is an absolute must. Remember to take down the details of the event; you can use that as a handy reference when making your written insurance claim. All documents that are relevant to the claim should contain concise descriptions and accurate detail that you can corroborate. Most car insurance companies have 24-hour help lines, so there is little reason to delay filing an insurance claim. Remember to ask your insurer the requirements of the company in pursuing a claim and ensure that you have all evidence of the incident at hand. This will ensure the smooth development of the transaction. 

What happens after you file your insurance claim?

Upon receipt of an insurance claim, your insurance company will usually notify you of the details regarding your account and the details you have provided over the phone. You should wait for further notice from your insurance company before hauling your vehicle in for repairs. This is because the company will have to inspect your car first, and make assessments based on their observations and the recommendations of automotive specialists. Also, your insurance company will most likely have a recommended garage (where the company can directly consult with its management/staff). 

You want to get some parts of your car repaired. Is it wise to pay first and reimburse later?

Always get the approval of your insurance company with regards to paying damage costs so you don’t suffer any additional liabilities. Keep in mind that there are limitations to the amount released by the insurer and anything in excess, you will have to pay from your own pocket. This payment will normally be made straight to the garage/repair facility which attends to your car. In some cases the insurance company’s adjuster might no longer do assessment and will recommend that you have your car repaired by one of their partner garage. 

There, the damage claim estimate may be done by the shop itself, and the shop won’t have to wait to start repairs. Options may also be available for rental cars should the need for one arise. If your car is considered to be totaled (that is, the cost of repairs greatly outweighs your car’s current value), the adjuster is tasked to estimate the compensation you can receive by considering the depreciated value of the car before the incident. Through this, the insurer will enable you to purchase a similar used car. However, if you’ve shelled out a bit more and bought coverage for replacement cost value, the estimate will cover the cost of buying a similar new vehicle.