What are the basic steps to take while filing auto insurance claims?


Automobile accidents could be a terrible experience for most people. Sometimes, those involved in auto accidents may sustain injuries and at other times it may be just the damage to the vehicle. But there are unfortunate situations where a serious motor vehicle accident could result in death of one or more individuals. Whatever the damage may be it is important to take the right course of action as the first few minutes after the accident is most critical. If proper action is taken you can ensure that filing for auto insurance claims will become much simpler.

Filing for auto insurance claims may seem quite demanding but it really isn’t so. All you need to do is to follow a few simple steps while filing for your claims.

First of all, ensure that you carry the insurance card with you all the time in order to have easy access. This card will contain all the details such as the type of coverage, the length of coverage, make and model of the vehicle, identification number, emergency phone numbers et. Ensure that you inform your insurance agent or the insurance company immediately after the accident.

Most often, insurance companies will require some documentary evidence to support your claim. Take down the names and addresses of the people involved in the accident and collect witness statements if possible as this will help when you file your claim. Also make a note of the prevailing weather conditions at the time of the accident and this includes visibility as well. Obtain a copy of the police report and attach the proof of claim form that is provided by the company.

After furnishing all the details to the insurance company and after filling the claim form, you have to wait patiently to watch the developments. If it is a straightforward case, then the claim will be processed quickly. However, if there are certain disputes between the parties involved, then you may have to contact the opposite party’s insurance company as well. You must gather enough evidence to support your case. If needed record the conversation you have with the insurance agent whom you spoke with.

A claims adjuster will assess the damage to your vehicle and the body shop will also evaluate the extent of damage and send a report to your insurer. If the vehicle is damaged beyond redemption, it would be considered totaled. If you don’t agree with the settlement amount, you may dispute that with your insurer.