Understanding the handling of auto insurance claims


Claiming auto insurance can be a very harrowing task, if the person does not know anything about handling insurance claims. Before choosing the insurance company, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the insurance company is reputed and has a record of handling the claims smoothly. Even if the premium rates are slightly higher than other companies, it is a good idea to choose companies that have a stable clientele and a good review for handling claims.

Internet forums are a good place to start reading about insurance companies. The reviews from existing clients give an idea about how the company handles claims, and what is the wait time before the money is released. One important fact that has to be understood about handling the claims is the fact that insurance companies decide almost everything. If the automobile is damaged as a result of collision, or weather extremities, insurance companies decide whether the parts must be replaced or repaired. It also decides the automobile service station that does the repair and the dealer that supplies the replacement parts. More often than not, the automobile parts that have to be replaced do not come from original manufacturers. The policy holder must always check with the insurance company regarding what kind of replacement parts they use before signing up for the policy.

The wait time before the money is released should not be more than two weeks. Some insurance companies allow for rental car service before the damaged car is repaired and restored. This service may be available immediately after the assessment or in some companies, after the car is taken in by the service station. Enquiring about this service before signing up for a policy is a good idea. If the premium rates are higher than other companies, this service is an added bonus.

Before filing for a claim, the policy holder must take care that all the documents are in the right place. The claim filing should be organized and the insurance company’s rule book must be followed carefully, keeping in mind all the fine print clauses. The most required documents are proof of accident, along with all the insurance policy’s documents in order. A filed policy report is also necessary, which authenticates the incidence. These documents are necessary when there is a need for an insurance dispute over claim money. It is easier to have out of court settlements, which is possible if the claim is well documented and orderly.