Should I apply car insurance for my teenage son? Is possible to include him in my already existing car insurance?


The answer to the first question is “YES”. It is not only illegal for someone, regardless of age, to be driving around town without car insurance; it is also a big mistake to be driving, unprotected. Almost all the states in the US have laws that consider driving without car insurance to be illegal. To drive without one is enough to put a motorist in the “hot seat” of law enforcers especially when caught in a vehicular accident. This will not only stain ones driving history but will prevent you from availing of discounts in the future.

Although the high end of teenage car insurance premiums may make you think twice in applying for your son’s car insurance, the benefits in the long run are far way too great for you to reconsider. If the Law has already given your son the permission to drive his own car, this also means that he is a candidate for car insurance. Car insurance companies will surely take the lead and present to you different insurance options with the aim of protecting your son during accidents and protecting the other motorist around him as well .You never know when your teenage son will try to take the test of the limits of his car’s speed.

On the other hand, the answer to the second question is still a “YES”. As a parent you can always include your son’s car in your already existing monthly insurance. Not only will this scheme save you a lot of money but it will also give your son the benefits of your already existing car insurance. All you have to do is to give your car insurance a call and negotiate your plans with them. Inquire if the company is offering family policies. This will be both beneficial to you (you get to pay to one company, there will be surely be discounts) and the company, on the other hand, will be earning more.

Remember to study policies first before you go signing it. These are binding contracts and you will be held responsible for any breach that might just occur. Studying car insurance policies will also make you understand what the company is offering and will give you options on what to or what not to avail. What is important is that you are relaxed knowing that a little adjustment to make room for your son’s car insurance will make him safe.