Should a person report all car accidents to the insurance company?


Yes, according to car insurance policy, all accidents should be immediately reported to the insurance company for the following reasons.

  • The insurer would like to inspect the accident site and take photos for estimating the damage. Even if it is a single vehicle accident, the value of the vehicle would be altered after the accident and the insurer should know the actual condition of the insured car. If there is another accident in future, the insurer would look at the damage in the previous accident to determine the value of the car.
  • If it is a multiple car or two-car collision, then the insurer would like to speak with the insured person immediately and with the others involved in the accident. It would be better for the policyholder also to talk with the insurer, as well as the insurers of the other parties. Otherwise, they would go by the version of the other persons and the policyholder might be at a disadvantage because of this. Even if someone hit the policyholder’s car when it was parked and there was no injuries, still the insurer would advise the policyholder to file a damage claim against the person responsible for the damage for settlement from that person’s policy.