May I know what the meaning of Full Coverage Car Insurance is?


The definition or meaning of Full Coverage depends or varies to lenders, insurers and borrowers. But do you know that term does not actually exist on the vocabulary of the insurance world? Meaning, there’s no absolute full coverage. If you say full car insurance coverage, the insurers might include the physical damage in the coverage of your car insurance.

Some persons dislike getting a full coverage of car insurance. These persons dislike it because they might take the liability-only coverage policy. When we say liability policy, it has two sub-categories– the bodily injury and property damage policy. The bodily injury liability covers and pays for the damages to the driver’s car when collision happens. The bodily injury liability (or physical damage liability) is related to car collision and comprehensive. A Collision is the number one listed payment of replace or repair of a car after the collision. A comprehensive pays the exchange or repair of the damaged car after mishaps not related to collision.

Meanwhile, the property damage liability covers and cares for the damages to other person’s or driver’s habitat, auto or any stuff that is being hit by the driver at fault. It also covers the damage done to the others but not to the driver himself or to his vehicle.

Claims on property holders who keep the title of rights to the vehicle requires the full coverage once a car is utilized for leasing and financing purposes. You should prove that you are a holder of a full coverage policy if you want to avail a car through leasing and financing. There are times that claim property holders require things greater than liability-only policy equivalent to the increased coverage of physical damage.

Other persons who possess a car want insurance for their passengers. That is called the personal injury protection, or short for PIP. In addition, if you want, you might also like to avail a rental coverage which pays on a daily basis while your car is sent to a repair shop.

Insurance policies are too many to discuss. So you might choose better policies as possible as you can. Full coverage is a joint various policies that depends on the taste or discretion of the car proprietor.

Since accidents are unpredictable, it is better to have a protection, because you may not know, it will happen anytime of this day. And, do not forget to avail a quality but affordable car insurance with full coverage.