Is It Possible to Lower My Car Insurance Premium and Increase My Car Insurance Claim at the Same Time?


The answer to the question is both a “YES” and a “NO”.  It is a yes to the possibility of lowering your car’s premium and increasing your car insurance claim. But a no to the possibility of doing both things at the same time simply because of the logic that you get your car insurance premium before an accident while you get your car insurance claim after an accident. For that reason alone, it is very clear that you cannot do both things at the same time but it is possible to do both things in different occasions.

Now, how can you possibly lower your car insurance quote or premium? There are actually a lot of things you can do. One of which is to make sure that you do not own a limited edition sports car and that you do not live in an urban city bursting with a high rate of car theft cases. These two are a big no-no to car insurance companies because in case the time comes for payback, insurers will need to pay more.

Another thing to remember is to ask yourself whether you are to be considered a high risk policy holder to car insurance companies. To be one will mean that you have a bad driving history to start with, or are too young (student or teen) maybe a senior (above 70 years of age) to get your premium have a high start.

You can lower your premium if you will allot time to find yourself a car insurance company that will suit your needs. You can always customize company policy with the help of a car insurance agent to maximize your benefits. Make use of free car insurance quotes online to determine what car insurance company is offering the lowest insurance quote or rate.

Your insurance claim on the other hand, will increase if you have studied the different kinds of car insurance coverage and have chosen something like full coverage over comprehensive coverage because it surely covers more and can give you added protection. Your claim therefore will also have added features and in turn will save you more in the long run.

Being consistent in your car insurance, whether in terms of payment or customizing can increase you claims and lower your premiums. During these hard times, it is not a surprise that everybody is aiming for lower bills. Believe it when experts say, that indeed, there are ways.