Is car insurance affected by collision claims?


Of course, the answer is yes. However, the effect of these collision claims on your car insurance varies on different situations, wherein many factors are considered. Some of such factors are the degree of the damage incurred, who is at fault, and even the state’s insurance legislations. But first, let us see the scope of collision claims in order for us to comprehend better its effect on our auto insurance policy.

One of the main reasons why we are insuring our car is because it is one of our most valuable and important assets. There are many situations why you would own a car; it may be because of the locations of your residence, or because it is required by your job, or even because of convenience, especially when your lifestyle is always on the go. No matter what may be the reason, most car owners insure their car, not only because it is required by some states, but also for the protection of this valuable piece if property. With regards to this, one of the most common coverage offered by car insurance companies is collision coverage. This covers injuries or damages incurred due to collision either with another car, or even to other objects such as rocks or trees. In fact, collision is one of the most common kinds of accident that your car may be involved in, and so this coverage is very popular along consumers. But the fact about collision coverage is that every time you file a claim to your car insurance company because of such, in is most likely to affect your insurance premiums unlike drivers having comprehensive coverage.

There are several factors how your insurance premium will be affected. One factor is whether you are at fault or not. In an accident, when the insurance company and the authorities agree that you are the one at fault, it is very likely that your insurance premiums increase up to 20%. However, when they judge that you are not at fault, chances are your insurance premiums will not be affected. But, even if you are the one at fault, it still depends on the gravity of the damage that you incurred. If for example, the damage you incurred only amounts up to $2000, it is very likely that your insurance premium would only increase slightly, around 2%-3%, depending on your car insurance policy.

Also, most car insurance companies increase your premiums even if you are not at fault, when you are likely to be involved in multiple collision claims. We must remember that one of the basis our insurance company would increase our claim is whether we are risky drivers. We are considered risky if we are very likely to be involved in multiple car accidents, even though we are not at fault.