How to Negotiate for an Auto Accident Settlement


Last year was the toughest time of my good friend’s life when she met a car accident. It was because of a reckless driver. My friend never had any ticket nor was involved in accidents before. This event was so traumatizing for her that according to her mom she feared going out because she was thinking that a car might hit her or sideswipe her. Upon hearing this I was consoled with the thought her family have always been very supportive of her healing process. Glad that I there for her too during her recovery period.

Is it important to get a lawyer?

Knowing that car accidents need immediate medical treatments but having a good lawyer to help settle and negotiate for any auto insurance claims is very important. Having a knowledgeable lawyer about these kinds of situation is very important because they know the law and also be able to stand for you if there will be a trial when the worse thing happens. Auto insurance companies of their own and they will be the ones to also investigate what really has happened. These attorneys are called auto accident lawyers who will provide information regarding the practical and legal aspects of auto insurance policy holders.

I encountered an accident and had to undergo physical and psychological intervention. Is this covered by my auto insurance?

In some states right now, auto accident victims who have suffered from the auto accident are entitled to recover damages for pain and suffering as well as mental trauma, results to disability or the worst case would be permanent disfigurement among the benefits that the auto insurance policy holder could claim. Then, there are states that allow special damages such as: past, present and future medical bills or wage loss to mention a few. These benefits will assist the victim with payments of lost wages and medical bills too.

Having been able to share these information with her has given her hope that there is something that could be done with her situation. I heard that she will file for the latter. The reason for that is because lately she has gone to a doctor and unfortunately her left eye have been injured from the inside which means that she might undergo eye operation in the future when her eyes will not be as functional as it was before the accident.

Good that that there are auto accidents lawyers who will be able to settle things for the auto insurance policy holder which will be helpful specially of the one who has become the victim.