How to negotiate an auto insurance settlement?


Having an automobile is an absolute necessity. But one also has to face the auto insurance claims in the event of an accident. Most often, we are caught unawares and auto insurance sneaks up when we least expect it. Accidents can cause a lot of stress among the parties involved and it entails dealing with the police, repair companies, and being without a car as well as dealing with auto insurance.

Auto insurance companies will often make it difficult to get the settlement that you deserve. While filing claims for the insurance, auto insurance companies might at times withhold money and make things difficult. So, if you have to remain stress-free you will have to learn how to protect yourself if you have to make a claim.

Things to do immediately after an accident:

  • Call the police immediately without wasting time. The best way to ensure that the police arrive on the scene is by calling 911.
  • Ensure that you move the vehicle to the side of the road if it is in a condition to be moved. You must ensure that you are careful while getting out of your damaged vehicle as busy roads are dangerous and the oncoming traffic will sometimes not notice that you have been involved in an accident.
  • Get hold of the name, address, and other contact details and insurance information along with the license plate number. All this information is absolutely essential while filing a claim and negotiating a settlement.
  • After gathering the relevant information, call your insurance agency and file the claim. Give them details regarding the extent of damage to the vehicle, bodily damage, property damage etc. The claim adjuster will then evaluate the situation and get you the settlement. In the demand letteryou make, give your opinion of approximately how much it would cost and let the adjuster know your estimate. The adjuster will then come up with a counter offer. During these initial stages it would be easy to reach an agreement.
  • However, be careful with the insurers as most often they will try to give you a lesser amount and try to do away with that. Never believe that their initial offer is the final one. If you don’t agree with the amount, never sign the settlement papers.
  • Go to a third party and get the damage evaluated and let the company know the estimate. If you have an attorney then get him on the scene as your claim will be processed much faster.