How to get Car Insurance Claims Fast?


I have just been recently caught in a vehicular accident, though it is not something serious, what are the things I should do or remember to make sure I get my claim fast?

Are you from the state of Florida? Well if the answer is a “YES,” you do not have to worry that much. This is because, Florida is a no fault state. This means that last January 1972, the state made sure that its people are compensated by their own car insurance company during an accident quickly and efficiently. The law also makes sure that the cost of insurance in the state is lower as compared to other states. But what if you are from another state? Here are a few steps to follow when you are caught in an accident. This is a simple to-do-list that will make you look like you have been there, done that:

  1. Remember to report accidents within the 7 day grace period most car insurance companies give. A report exceeding the said grace period will mean a breach in contract.
  2. Do not be afraid to come out of your car and talk to the other party involved. Exchange information regarding your names, addresses, contact numbers and other details you feel are significant. But if the other driver has been nothing but unpleasant to you, you can always wait for the law enforcers to take over.
  3. Identify witnesses to the accident. If it is possible, you can ask them for their time and help you in the processing of the incident report with the law enforcers.
  4. File an incident report. Yu can do this by immediately contacting the local enforcers to have an accident report prepared.
  5. Notify your car insurance company. You will have to do this for your insurer to be able to determine who is at fault. This will greatly affect your car insurance claim so it is wise to be very cooperative in this part.
  6. Do not let go of your insurer unless you are already satisfied with how the settlement of the accident has turned out. It is here where you can ask questions regarding anything; from your claims to your coverage. Make it a point to put in mind that there is the thing called “Appraisal Clause” found in your car insurance policy. This is used to help settle disputes about certain car insurance coverage especially about physical damage claims between you and your car insurance company.

Lastly, it is also good to remember to do everything you can to stay away from being caught in vehicular accidents. Being safe is so much better than facing the consequences of car accidents. It is less stressful and it gives you peace of mind.