How to file your auto insurance claim correctly?


Being in an accident is something that is quite a bad experience. Car accidents can be anywhere from a simple flat to more horrible ones where considerable damage or even loss of life occurs. It is quite a painful period and gathering yourself to file an insurance claim may not be the first thing on your mind as you cope with your losses. However, it is essential that you make sure that you have as much details as possible available when the time comes. You will need to gather yourself together and collect the pertinent details to check that insurance is not going to be an added headache to cope with during the period.

When you have gotten over the day, which could take you weeks or more, it is important to collect the police report immediately. This will contain the vital information and facts that you might have missed out on being in the state that you were. It will contain accurate details of the accident and will really help you out when you need to file your claim and make sure that this part of the procedure is done properly.

It is mandatory in most states to carry insurance information so don’t hesitate to ask for it and give yours to the other people who are in the accident. Get it touch with the insurance company at the earliest. Don’t wait too long to file a claim and make things look suspicious. Gather your information and point out the facts to the company about how it happened and who was responsible. It is here that the police report will help with corroborating the information that you provide to the insurance company. Make sure that you carry copies of all the documents you have and also record all the communication with the company for future reference.

Don’t try to change the facts. People will know what happened and your insurance company will do a thorough investigation. You will only end up with a black mark against you and higher premium rates if implicated in trying to provide fraudulent data. Stick to exactly what you recall and don’t try to add on details which you are unsure of. If you have policy numbers of others involved in the accident then share that with the rest and also report the time and date correctly. This will make it easier for the claims investigators to gather information.