How to file an auto insurance claim in the event of an accident?


While signing up for insurance one of the last things that we have in mind is getting involved in auto insurance.  But in reality, accidents do occur all the time and there are claims filed every single day.  There are a few things that you will need to know while filing a claim under your auto insurance policy.

Firstly, file a police report in the event of an accident, no matter what the situation is.  Even if you know for a fact that you don’t plan to involve your auto insurance provider, it is better to have something on record otherwise you could risk getting sued by the driver if they think that they can make a quick buck out of you.  Use your cell phone to make a call to the police and if the other person doesn’t want to wait, then note down the vehicle registration number and get his information and hand it over to the cops when they arrive.  If there are any fatalities or injuries then it would be considered felony if you leave the accident site without filing a report.

Auto insurance rates will automatically go up if you file a claim and that is a fact.  If the vehicle had a small dent or some scratches it is better to go to the local auto body shop and get it fixed as that is far cheaper than going to your auto insurance company and getting an estimate and then end up paying much more.

In the event of an accident, get the details from the other driver such as the license number, vehicle registration number, policy number etc.  Also get the person’s name, address, and telephone number of the policy as well.  This will come in handy if the other driver claims that you were at fault.  Then your insurance company will require this number so they can fight it out.  You will also require the police report.

You will have to take an official estimate from one of the service centers, when you have a general auto insurance policy.  You may get your own estimate but that might not be accepted by the insurance provider.  However, if the insurance lowers their estimates significantly, then you can fight it out with your own estimate.

Keep track of all communications regarding the claim including names of staff you spoke to, and the date and time as well.  These things could come in handy in the court.