How to claim auto insurance the right way?


Although auto collision is a traumatic experience, the right things must be done when in collision or accident of any other kind, in order to claim the auto insurance to reduce the trauma. Auto insurance is mandatory in USA for all motorists owning or driving a car. Although in most states, only liability insurance is mandatory, buying adequate insurance will always help in emergency situations.

When in collision, the first thing to do is to check if the other party involved is not in danger, after ensuring personal safety. Second thing to do should be to call the police and get a complete report of the incidence. A copy of this report must be submitted to insurance companies at the time of filing the claim. The next thing would be to call the insurance company and let them know of the incidence. If the insurance policy includes roadside trauma assistance, then help will be sent to the accident spot immediately.

When filing the claim, the exact documented version of the events on the day of accidents along with some pictures if possible is essential. After filing the claim, the wait period for the insurance company to get back with an estimate varies from one week to several depending upon the insurance company and the extent of automobile damage. For a thorough examination of the automobile damage, it will be taken to a car garage that insurance company determines and a thorough analysis will be done. If the policy holder has collision insurance, then the car will be completely renewed, either by replacing the auto parts and reviving it, or if the damage is severe, by replacing the car itself in some cases. The auto insurance companies determine whether an auto part can be repaired or replaced, and care must be taken to ensure that in the case of replacement, auto parts are genuine. Repairing the auto parts may not ensure smooth operation of the car sometimes, and this can be a dispute between the insurance company and the policy holder.

Sometimes, the other party’s insurance company may contact you regarding the incidence or vice versa, so having the other party’s contact information and the information about the insurance company that sponsors their third party liability insurance is important. Sometimes, claiming the third party liability will solve the problems if the mistake is on the other motorist’s part. Following the right procedure saves time and unwanted disputes while filing an auto insurance claim.