How to claim a Totaled Car?


Some people want their cars back even after an accident. Even though it was deemed useless and uneconomical, they would take it back. There are individuals who get so attached to their cars that they would want it back whatever it might takes. People who act this way, when faced with a “totaled” assessment by their insurance company would usually ask what would they do.

For individuals who want to claim for their insurance benefits but take back their car to repair themselves, there are various things that they should know. The most important thing that they need to know is what happens to the car once it has been given the tag of totaled.

Before the process, you need to know what “totaled” means. This word means that the company has determined that the price on the repairs your car needs is greater than the actual value of the car. This means that they are not willing to repair your car but rather give you the equivalent of your car depending on what you have agreed upon. Simply put, they will be surrendering your car to be auctioned off in a scrap yard and will give you the money agreed upon for you to buy a new car.

It is important for you to decide quickly whether or not you want to get your car back or not. Once you have filed for your claim, you need to immediately tell the adjuster your intentions so as not to encounter any problems in the future. It will be much more difficult to get your car back when it is already sent at a scrap yard. However, the adjuster might also reject your request simply because it is in the company’s best interest that they do.

If the adjuster agrees that you be given the car back then you will no longer have to worry because the probability that you will is high. If the adjuster rejects you however, you will have to buy your car up at the auction. Sometimes this is good sometimes this is bad, it all depends on the parts that your car possesses. When your car has rare parts that other people might need then it would be more difficult for you to get your car back.

Filing a claim for your benefits while getting your car back needs a lot of thought. Make sure you think about it first before making any major decisions about the matter.