How Long Should a Claim Take?


Every state provides different set of insurance laws. Some of these laws determine the period of time an insurance claim should take. Normally, insurance companies do not tell you just how long it will take for them to settle your claim. Usually, they would tell you that they would settle it as soon as possible or that they are already in the process of settling it. Whether they are telling you the truth or not, you would not know. You could not force your insurance company to settle your insurance claim on a date you would settle. However, if you want the insurance company to settle your claim as soon as possible, you could take a few actions to hasten your insurance company.

First, you could contact your claims adjuster on a daily basis. The one who investigates insurance claims is called the claims adjuster. It is the claims adjuster’s job to interrogate the policyholder filing for the insurance claim and the witnesses of the accident the policyholder got involved in. It is also the claims adjuster’s responsibility to check police and hospital records and to see the degree of damage done on the policyholder’s property and other properties involved in the accident. From there, the claims adjuster would know how much money the insurance company would pay. The claims adjuster makes sure to get a cheap settlement, for they are trained to save money for the insurance company.

Claims adjusters hold a lot of insurance claims. By regular communication, your claims adjuster would make you on top of the piles of insurance claims records he has. Thus, he will make you his priority.

However, if your claims adjuster is simply difficult to contact, you could demand a better service from the company. You could always talk to a supervisor if you think that your claims adjuster is not doing much in settling your claim.  

On the other hand, you must also understand that settling an insurance claim is not always slow due to slacking claims adjusters. Each insurance company has a legal department. It is in the legal department where the company would decide if they will approve the insurance claim or not. It is also in this department that a lot of insurance claims get stuck since it takes a lot of time to decide. The complexity of an insurance claim could also be a factor as to why the settlement of an insurance claim takes so long.