Do I need to file a car insurance claim every time I meet I get involved in an accident?


There is no need for you to file for a car insurance claim every time you meet an accident, especially the minor ones because doing so will eventually increase your premium in time. Before filing for a claim, weigh your options first. Usually, car insurance companies do not really mind one insurance claim, but if you go for repeated claims, it’s either, your premium will soar up high or worst, your policy might be cancelled. To avoid situations like this, do not forget that when you present yourself as someone who gets to be involved in more than on collision accident, you are making car insurance companies consider you as a high risk policy holder.

In case you get to be involved in an accident, notify you insurer. They will determine who is at fault in the said accident. The result of the said investigation is very crucial when it comes to your car insurance claims. The insurer will also be the one to contact the Claims Adjuster to determine the damages your car has incurred that are under your car insurance coverage. They will also determine the cost of the damages your car insurance will cover.

Your car i8nsurance will have 2 factors; the comprehensive or collision deductibles. The comprehensive deductible covers damages associated with vandalism, theft, bumping into your neighbor’s fence or a stray animal on the road and natural disasters (storm, hails, earthquakes, etc).  Collision deductibles, on the other hand, will include the damages your car or another car had during the collision or accident while driving. Remember that comprehensive damage does not affect your car insurance premiums like collision damage does.

In case of situations wherein the Claims Auditor assessed the accident wherein you are found out to be the one at fault, prepared for a 20% increase I your premium. Depending on the severity of the accident, your car insurance may even be cancelled if you are found to be at fault in multiple car collision accident with multiple injuries. On the other hand, minor injuries like fence bending will just increase your premium by a mere 3 %.

If your car has a value of less than $2.000, you might want to reconsider filing for car insurance claims to lessen the chances of your premium’s rate to increase. Remember that not all accidents, especially the minor ones, need the attention of your car insurance company. Assess the situation if there is really a need for a car insurance claim while taking into consideration the consequences that comes with it.