Do collision claims affect car insurance?


If a person owns a car, he should take the utmost responsibility of protecting it because cars are valuable investments. It is not a joke to invest a car because it costs a thousand dollars to own one, by the way. So the owner of the car must ensure that his car and also his passengers are free from danger anywhere and in any aspect. Thanks to the creation of the insurance coverage—it can protect the driver as well as the other things related with his responsibilities.

Collision and comprehensive policies are the two kinds of claims of physical damage insurance coverage. If an accident occurs that results to injury or damage to the passenger, you might need the collision policy coverage. If the car has damages and injuries after the accident, the comprehensive coverage might pay for these accident-related casualties. Comprehensive coverage also covers blast damage, vandalism and car theft.

Car accidents are frequent—they commonly happen every day and anywhere in the globe. So in case of accidents, two settings related to the collision claims can affect your car insurance. First, if the accident is not solely your mistake, your car insurance claim will still be secured.

Another is that there would be an additional 20 percent if the accident is under your negligence or mistake. Depending on the range of the damage, the actual total cost might vary. To give an example, suppose that there’s an eight-car pile up with lots of injuries, do expect that your car insurance will be abrogated.

To assess the harm caused by the accident, contact the insurance Claims Adjuster. He also takes the responsibilities in helping the policy insurance holder to solve the accident-related problems.

You may also have the rights to appeal through the insurance department just in case the insurance firm cancels your policy. So if you are not at-fault in the accident, your car insurance should not be affected by any collision claims. But you might cause some conflict to your insurance company upon reclaiming from the insurance firms of the other drivers if you are mostly at fault in some accidents.

Be informed that usually, insurance companies only let you have one collision claim. Please avoid having accidents that you’re always at fault because you might encounter an increasing chances of cancellation of your policy.

Or if you want no hassles at all boil down in this crucial phrase: Take good care when you are driving. As always.