Why do Women Get Cheaper Car Insurance?


Maybe men can outwit women in terms of physical abilities, but speaking of car insurance benefits, women do.

It is harsh to say they are better, although they are, statistically speaking, maybe it is true enough. Women have just as many accidents as men; but they tend to be minor casualties. Men on the other hand seem to do the job properly when they crash and as a result cost their insurance company a lot more money.

Actually, women’s claims cost cheaper. Its worth mentioning that the gap is closing and it probably will not be too long before we are all paying the same. The other reason is men commit 85 percent of serious road offenses, which means all men get consequences in their premium.

Males are more likely to get in car accidents than women are. Thus providers are more likely to charge the women far less than they would charge the men. Thus, making insurance cheaper for the women. Research and history has shown that women are less susceptible to car accidents than men. This is because men are always more reckless in driving while women are more careful.

A case was taken to the European Commission, however, they decided if they ruled in favor that gender could not be used as a factor to make decisions then prices would rise for everyone. As a result, female drivers will continue to benefit from lower premiums than their male counterparts do.

On the other hand, here’s a bit of information for women drivers: if you looking for a means of getting cheaper quotes on your car insurance; like to save some money by spending less on your car insurance or some tips on how to get car insurance for less; interested in getting to know if men pay more for insurance than women–well, then read on and you will get your answers. Getting insurance quotes is not a problem. The tons of insurance companies available will definitely provide you with one. However, cheap car insurance is particularly hard to find particularly when you do not know how to go about it and what to do.

Did you know that some factors could help you secure cheaper insurance? Most insurance companies would consider these before even considering you for insurance. Therefore, to better your chances at getting cheaper insurance rates, follow the tips written above and do a thorough research about securing a cheaper insurance – as simple as that.