What’s with a-day insurance premiums?


We are very much aware that there are car rentals which offer 1 day rent, and that it is availed by many people who don’t have a car or have problems with their car, but needs one that day. Well, usually, that car is also insured by the one who rented also for a day. The same principle also applies to car insurance, only that it is your car to be insured and not the car of other persons. Even though it is not that obvious, in reality, it makes sense to many situations and circumstances. Also, when you own a car but decides to rent another one, more likely, it would be a problem if your own car is not insured, for more often than not it is a requirement. However, if you do not own a car and rents one, you are most likely to avail a-day insurance, and some insurance companies also came with the idea to offer this a-day insurance to your own car.

Imagine for example that you are lucky enough to live in the heart of a big and busy metropolis, where all the places are readily accessible. In that case, it is most likely that you will take public transportation like trains or will simply walk when you go to your place of work, or at school, or going shopping, or going to a café perhaps and meet with your friends. This situation does not require you to regularly use your car when hitting the road, on the contrary, you would only use your car when you will travel several miles, or you would go on a shopping spree and it would be inconvenient for you to bring all those in a public vehicle. In such circumstances, getting a one day insurance proves to be a great deal. Why would you bother to take yearly premiums on your car insurance policy when you can insure your car only on the situation that you actually use them? In fact, this scheme is already becoming popular by dwellers in the heart of the city. Clearly, a-day insurance is more efficient and cost effective than regular insurance policies in these specific circumstances.

Some people think that it is ok to drive without availing car insurance when one only uses their car sparingly. This is a risky decision. The fact is that car accidents do not choose when they will happen; even though you only drive your car in that day for instance, there is still the risk of getting into a car accident. If there a-day insurance, why take that risk? It is better to be sure than to regret at the end.