What is a Full Coverage Car Insurance?


Many people wonder what full coverage car insurance really mean. Full coverage car insurance does not really literally mean full coverage but rather it simply means that there is an option to increase the scope of the coverage car insurance that you are going to avail of. in most instances full coverage simply means the addition of the coverage of the insurance to include physical damages to your car, to other people’s property, it may also cover medical fees in the instance that there will be injured parties. The coverage depends on the package that a company offers and usually the term full coverage means that the insurance that a customer avails of is an insurance that will cover the liabilities that the driver accumulates because of harm done to other people and other people’s property and also cover the physical damages that the car have suffered either through an accident or through non accident related events.

The insurance packages that different insurance companies offer also differ and in a way this causes confusion to the term full coverage when talking about insurance. There are those that have taken the definition of full coverage to the extreme and define it only if they have taken all the insurance packages that a company offers. The term full coverage, when taken to the extreme, depends on the company that offers them but usually the term full coverage that is usually used in the car insurance industry mean that they will only cover liabilities to other people and their property and physical damages that the customer’s car may suffer.

There is the Liability-Only Coverage which will only cover damages or injuries that is inflicted upon other people. It will include the damages to property, medical fees to an injured party and other liabilities that a driver may be subjected to. The determining factor to the Liability only coverage is that it will only cover the liabilities to another and does not include the damages that the driver or the driver’s car. Physical damage coverage on the other hand has two parts which are collision and comprehensive coverage. The coverage of the collision part refers to the physical damages to the driver’s car that is the result of accidents or accident related events. The comprehensive coverage on the other hand will refer to the coverage of the damages that is the result of non accident related events.