What Info do I Need to Provide when Obtaining a Quote?


Most motorists looking to purchase or renew their car insurance are now aware of the many other options in this day and age. Going to an insurance company and purchasing coverage there is no longer the only option. There are now a number of alternatives and many of them can be found on the internet. Free Auto insurance quotes can now be found all over the internet and you can compare and contrast and research until you find the quote and the coverage that best suits you. But to make sure you get the best results, here a few things you need to provide when obtaining car insurance quotes: 

  • Name, date of birth and occupation of driver or drivers. First and foremost you can provide this information upfront so they can ready the transaction if or when you decide to use their car insurance. 
  • Make, model and year of manufacture. Most insurers require this information so they can properly measure your coverage plan. The range of coverage differs on the make model and year of your car. 
  • Details of any alarm or security feature of your vehicle. This information can only improve your rates and lower your premium. Most companies look at security features as a good sign.  
  • Full address of where the car is kept or parked overnight. This information gives the company an idea of how and where you keep your vehicle. Also with this information, they can get information about your neighborhood and the area you reside in.  
  • Mileage and number of miles you travel each year. This information accounts for how far you take your vehicle and how much you travel each year. Mileage also gives the company an idea of how many miles your car has traveled.  
  • Driver’s history including accidents, driving convictions and claims. This includes all the records and incidents that occurred behind the wheel of your car. This also includes all the information you can provide from your previous insurer.  

While most of this information can hinder or increase your rates, it is important to be upfront and honest with this data so you can get an accurate quote on the coverage that the company can provide you. All this information will eventually be accessible to the company.