What happens when you get into an accident and you have no car insurance?


When a person gets into an accident there are a lot of things to think about and the problems that usually arise require money. Also, depending on the circumstance, a person will need a lot of it. When a person is insured then the problem will be solved in a lot simpler ways. However, if you do not have this kind of protection you will have to face these problems alone.

One of the things that might happen when on the road is that a person will lose control of the car. In some instances some people call this an accident and some call it reckless imprudence. Either way there are usually things that happen as a result. There could be damage to property and injury to people. In some cases there is only one of them that is involved but if that person is really unlucky he will have to face both. In both instances the driver of the car involved in the accident will be liable to the damages and the injuries that the people who are caught in the accident will have to shoulder. The driver does not have insurance therefore the driver will be forced to pay for the damages almost immediately, depending on the laws of the state that governs the area where the accident happened.

These liabilities need to be satisfied for the reparation and indemnification of the offended parties but what about the car and the driver that caused the accident? Without insurance the owner or owners will have to have it repaired using money from their own pockets. When they do not enjoy the benefits of having insurance, the cost of the repair will be proportional to the damage of the car. In the instance that the accident will have resulted in the car being destroyed or totaled, then it would sometimes be better to buy a new car. This is an easy matter if you have the resources to buy a car immediately but if you do not have the means to immediately replace your damaged or totaled car then you will have to face the trouble of having none to use. You will be forced to commute which can sometimes be very expensive and also very inconvenient.

In case of an accident and you do not have insurance you will have to face the financial problems alone. Money that should have been used for something more important will be used to repair the car and pay for the damages that the accident has caused.