What are the things that really cost you a lot when you buy auto insurance?


When you are buying auto insurance, you should know that you are paying for your actions over the last few hears. History is very important as it allows insurance providers to predict whether or not you will make a claim in the future. Here are some of the things you should avoid, if paying high auto insurance premiums is something you seriously want to avoid.


The moment they see a speeding ticket, auto insurance companies become prejudiced against you. Irrespective of whether you had any accidents or not, the fact that you break the speed limit shows auto insurance companies that you drive fast. This makes you a risky proposition as the chances of accident in your case, and subsequently claims are higher. So it is in your favour to use the cruise control mode on your car and stay under the speed limit at all times.

Traffic violations

Be prepared to pay higher premiums if you don’t adhere to traffic rules. If you let your license registration lapse, text or talk while driving, jump traffic signals and break other rules, you will end up losing a lot of extra money paying higher premiums. Stay safe and drive safe to get attractive auto insurance premiums.

Expensive cars

The cost of repairing damages of a family sedan is far less than that of a flashy sports car. This is one aspect that auto insurance companies pay deep attention too. So you will pay higher premiums if your car is more expensive and so are its spare parts and service charges. The other aspect of looking at it is that if you have an SUV, the chances of your speeding and being involved in accidents is much higher. So you will pay higher premiums.

Long drives

If you are one of those people who head on a long drive every weekend, you will have very high mileage and that is one thing that auto insurance companies never fail to take notice of. Also, more you drive greater are the chances of your being involved in an accident. Similarly, if you commute to work every day in your car, your mileage would be high and your premiums higher too. It is also because you are driving a lot during busy hours when the roads are full and the chances of meeting with an accident are much higher.