What are the things that I should know about auto insurance? Aside from premiums, coverage, risks calculations?


  • Being a student, you will most probably have different things inside your car that you need for your everyday trip to your school. Items like electronic gadgets: laptops, cameras, DVD players etc. are a common necessity now as the times call for more advanced technologies. However, leaving them inside your vehicle can be very dangerous. And at times of accidents like vehicular and even theft, you can’t claim for insurance on the items that are either damaged or lost.
    Most auto insurance companies won’t cover this in their policies; they would only pay for the    damages that your car has received in the incident. To make sure that your properties are safe inside your car, apply for property insurance for the whole or individually.
  • Switching of auto insurance policies can be great if you plan it correctly. If you can get better policies from other companies then you are free to switch to one that can give you more in terms of coverage. However, if you may decide to do so, make sure that you start your new auto insurance first before terminating the previous one. This will make sure that there are no gaps in your auto insurance history that can prove to be a bad record for you.
    Lapses incurred in your record can fine you a hefty amount. And it won’t help you if you’re still asking for allowance from mom and dad or if you just have one job to pay for all your expenses.
  • There are things that you should know about lending your car to a friend. If an accident is to happen with your car driven by another person, it will be covered by your auto insurance. The bad side is that it will go against your record. The auto insurance companies will see it as your fault and go on your record, not on your friend’s. This is applicable if your friend has a valid driver’s license at the time of the incident. This also applies when you loan your car to other people.