What are the repercussions in driving without an insurance?


Driving without insurance is always paramount to inviting trouble that motorists are not very well prepared to face. In some states, it is mandatory to have the vehicle properly insured before the motorist heads out into the open road. Having an insurance is not only tantamount to having different benefits, such as acquiring enough money for repairs in case of accidents or vehicle breakdowns, but it also makes the motorist be given the right to drive, and reinforces them to be responsible for their actions.

The mandatory requirement of having insurance before driving does not inhibit people from driving, especially if they have their license. But it instead enforces the idea that the state is not responsible if the motorist gets himself or herself a wrecked vehicle because of faulty driving or any natural occurrence whatsoever. The idea here is for motorists to understand that they are on their own and it is always their responsibility to drive safe.

The repercussions for driving without insurance depends upon the state laws, as well as the type of trouble that the motorist gets himself or herself into. Most of the time, motorists would end up having their driver’s license either revoked temporarily from months to even years, depending upon the infractions. Also, by being involved in an auto-accident, motorists having no insurance will consequently bear the burden of paying repairs at full price, placing them at a financial risk.

There are also cases when the motorist can be filed with lawsuits for damage and consequently lose the case because of lack of insurance. Driving without insurance will cause motorists to be seen as a liability when things are settled in court or whenever the legal system demands that they have one when they drive. Even if it the motorist was the victim and wins the case, it would still be the motorist’s responsibility of acquiring the funds that they need in order to clear all damages. The third party responsible will have no such responsibilities at all.

The best advice for motorists is to NOT drive without insurance as a cautionary measure against unintended accidents on the road. This may put people who drive for a living under a great disadvantage. But it would be a greater disadvantage for them to drive and then get themselves in an accident of some kind, and then having to suffer the consequences with no assistance from the state or the law whatsoever.