What are the questions that need to be answered before buying auto insurance?


Everyone who drives will agree to the fact that accidents are more due to human recklessness than due to unforeseen or uncontrollable situations. In such cases, it is only obvious that the factor auto insurance companies, look at the most is the traffic and driving records of individuals. There are other less important habits too. Here are some of them, which will save you more than a few dollars at the end of the year.

Do you drive to work?

If you do, you are not only paying more in terms of the fuel but also in terms of auto insurance. Those who commute to work always are more susceptible to accidents. That is why auto insurance companies provide cheaper rates to those who take public transportation. If you are one of those people who rides the local train or bus and uses the car only sparingly, then ensure you make that habit count when it comes to getting the best auto insurance rates.

Do you go for long drives?

If you frequently take long driving trips on weekends or during holidays, your mileage shoots up significantly compared to how old your car is. This could be a problem during collision because insurance companies tend to look at how much mileage the car has been through more than the supposed condition the car was in, before the accident. This factor becomes highly important when your car is totalled and you have to receive a reimbursement equal to the market value of the car.

Are you paranoid enough?

Auto insurance companies love paranoid drivers because they are less risky. If you have a lot of protection systems on your car, whether it is the anti-theft mechanism against car thieves or the navigation systems to help you drive more safely, you will get cheaper insurance.

Are you a responsible citizen?

Every time you decide to accelerate, remember that an over speeding ticket is like a taint on your driving record and auto insurance companies will make you pay for it. Those who have traffic violation tickets, for over speeding, parking in the wrong place or in other scenarios are less likely to find any favour at all with the auto insurance companies.

Are you lucky enough?

Irrespective of how good you are as a driver, your auto insurance premium will go up if you have claims in the past. If you have been lucky enough to avoid them, you can cash in.