What are the pros and con of applying auto insurance online?


The internet is an efficient and popular means of finding information. Meanwhile, auto insurance companies have taken this advantage to improve their services for the coverage needs of drivers and motorists. A study conducted just last year proves that there are more people applying for coverage on the internet, with results showing that 68% of new auto insurance customers apply online. But just like any progress in modern technology, the application for auto coverage online has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.


  • Using the internet is convenient, and saves the driver or motorist time and effort to go out and find auto coverage offices around town. Drivers and motorists could search and sign up for the coverage they need anytime they are free online, and they don’t have to go through the trouble of setting an appointment with an agent.  
  • The researching capabilities of internet search engines allow one to view and compare several coverage rates in one sitting. There are some websites that are owned by multiple companies, allowing policy shoppers to search for information and get different policy quotes in a short time.  
  • Drivers and motorists could compare the coverage rates between different makes and models of cars with the internet, allowing them to calculate the costs before they make a purchase. Drivers would also find it easier to find and avail for discounts offered.   
  • With the internet’s connectivity, drivers would find it easier to change companies if the need arises. If one finds a better quote offered by another company, he or she could apply in that company’s website.   


  • It is harder to determine whether a company is competent and trustworthy when online. There are a great number of scams on the internet, and the fact that the transaction is not face to face makes it difficult to judge whether the company and its services are authentic or not.  
  • Communication is not instant, and may prove a problem especially when there is the need to contact an insurer. Sometimes, meeting a company representative would only happen by request and that may take some time before a response is made.  
  • Personally reading all the information about insurance and its coverage’s is troublesome to do, it also takes a long time to finish. Most people prefer that the transactions be made thoroughly as quick as possible and be done with the least amount of trouble.