What Are The Different Kinds Of Car Insurance?


Car insurance is a subject that you can never do away with, at least while you own and drive a car. This is because it is the government itself who actually requires you to get car insurance, before you can be able to drive your car legally. In this case, as long as you do not want to break the law, and drives a car, car insurance is required from you.

However, there are different kinds of car insurance that you can get. Most of these different car insurance plans are actually made by different car insurance companies to satisfy and fit in to every consumer’s lifestyle. And the important fact here is that these different car insurance plans also have different premiums to pay for. In addition, these car insurance plans also have different coverage, different discounts, depending on the car insurance company that you have chosen. Therefore, it is important for you to know the different car insurance plans, especially when you want to cut on costs while getting the best protection that you need.

The first kind of car insurance is comprehensive auto insurance. From its name, this is the most complete and the most comprehensive car insurance policy that you can get. Therefore, when you are a kind of driver who wants maximum protection and maximum coverage every time you drive, in order for you to have peace of mind, getting comprehensive insurance is the right kind of car insurance for you. It comes with a price, though. Comprehensive car insurance actually is able to protect you in cases of vehicular accidents, fault or no fault, fire, or even theft and vandalism.

The second kind of car insurance is the third party, fore and theft car insurance. This kind of insurance is much like comprehensive car insurance, with a lower price, although it sacrifices some coverage. In this case, obviously, your car will get protection in cases of vehicular accident, car theft, or fire. However, when you are involved in an accident wherein the other driver is at fault, the car insurance company is nit required to pay. Also, when you ht a wall and have your car damaged for instance, your car insurance is likewise not required to pay.

The third kind, which is also the cheapest car insurance, is the third party insurance. It will cover you whenever you are involved in an accident and at fault, and when you hit a third party. However, in all other cases, you are not covered.