What are the Basic Facts about Rental Car Insurance?


There are lots of queries on how to obtain car insurance of rental cars because this process is full of uncertainty and confusion. The question about whether existing auto insurance policy also covers rented vehicles can be addressed by taking the first step before renting a car. It is necessary that you should be knowledgeable about the coverage of your existing car insurance to make sure that when you rent a car, it will be insured. It is also important that you contact your credit card company so that you can have an idea what type of rental auto insurance will you avail.

It is also important to note that when you rent a car for pleasure only, coverage and deductibles of your existing car insurance will also be able to cover your rented car. You should also take note that when you have comprehensive car insurance, your rented car will receive the highest form of coverage. On the other hand, when your rented car will engage in accident or stolen, it will not be covered.

You can also ask your credit card company about what type of rental car insurance they offer. You should know what is the type of your card, the issuer and the bank that provide your credit because these will determine the kind of rental insurance you can get.

Credit cards mostly cover damage or loss of rental cars but personal belongings, personal liability, other cars and other properties of the owner will not be included. It is proper that you should exhaust all the secondary coverage for rental car insurance with your credit cards. Doing so will help you choose the credit card you will use when having a rental car insurance. It will be advantageous if you use credit card that covers a lot of your other personal belongings to get a cheaper insurance.

And as an advice to motorists, it is a very good idea if you know what are the things covered by your car insurance and credit cards so that you could have a list of options on what to add when you get a rental car insurance. With this you have the choice what to add in your rental car insurance which is the following: liability insurance, loss damage waiver, personal accident insurance and personal effects insurance. Always remember when getting car insurance, you should always get to compare different rates to determine which has the highest value.