What are auto insurance policy tips that will save you some dollars?


Auto insurance policy rates are not as clear as black and white. There are numerous permutations and combinations. There are lot of features and factors that decide the final rates. That is why nothing is set in stone and you should always try to bring your auto insurance rates as low as possible. Here are some tips for saving that extra money.

Use every single discount in the book if you can

The thumb rule is that if you can show something which points at your being a safe driver, then you can ask for a discount. When you shop for an auto insurance coverage make sure you get all possible discounts that you qualify for. For example, seniors with AARP 55 Alive certification get discount. Non-working spouses who don’t drive often get a discount. Students with excellent grades and individuals with high credit scores also get discounts. If you haven’t had a single traffic violation in the last 3 years you are eligible for a discount. So make sure you look at all these factors and highlight them to your auto insurance provider so that the best rates are offered to you, if you deserve them.

Full coverage versus liability only coverage

It is a bad idea to save money by not taking auto insurance coverage especially if your car is in a decent condition. Instead try to cash in on the discounts. In terms of what you save, having an economical insurance policy is better than facing the prospect of no coverage, especially if you are not the safest of drivers. Even if you are, the cost of damages once in a while would be big enough to erode whatever you have saved.

Direct insurance or agent

Going directly to the insurance company will obviously save money because you eliminate middle men. However, you wouldn’t get the personalised service that you can expect from your insurance agent. If you are fine without the excellent customer service or if your insurance agent isn’t really providing enough justification for the extra cost, you can head to the direct insurance provider.

Ask for auto insurance quotes from different companies

Shopping around and asking for free insurance quotes will help you know more about the auto insurance rates in the market and what it would cost to get the coverage that you want. The more you shop better the chances of finding good rates.