How should one go about finding the best insurance policy for their needs?


Understanding the insurance coverage is very important when you are shopping for the cheapest insurance coverage that fits in your budget. A lot of people just purchase the minimum liability insurance that is mandated as per law to save on auto insurance cost. However, in the long term, this isn’t advisable as a single accident could lead to a lot of unforeseen expenses which could have otherwise been covered through auto insurance compensation. Therefore you need to understand what coverage you can take to suit your needs without compromising on the insurance protection.

It is simple these days with a lot of auto insurance companies offering free auto insurance quotes instantly online. You can get auto insurance quotes from the top 5 insurance providers in your state and then compare the rates to choose the cheapest offer. However, in some cases it might not be as simple as you need to mix and match different types of auto insurance coverage. For example, you may need collision insurance and PIP while you may choose to leave out comprehensive auto insurance. Some auto insurance providers might bundle collision and comprehensive insurance into one and offer it to you as total auto insurance. So what you need and what you can afford is an important part of the decision making process.

Choosing the cheapest auto insurance should never be your final goal when you are purchasing auto insurance coverage. This is because several insurance providers might offer cheaper rates without really fulfilling their promises. Hence you must choose an insurance provider which offers excellent response to customer queries and is more considerate when dealing with insurance claims. Some insurance providers might not be prompt enough and could use fine print and minor loopholes in claims as reason enough to disqualify you from the coverage. Insurance providers with such a track record should be avoided even if they are offering cheap insurance as that would never benefit you when you need it. Feedback on auto insurance forums and reviews on auto insurance sites can help you identify such auto insurance providers. You can also choose to deal directly with a provider or go through an auto insurance agent. In the latter case, your auto insurance costs will go up because of the commissions involved. However, you will also receive better service in the form of assistance in application, bill payment and claim processes.