How do I get auto insurance? What are the things that I should do and consider?


  1. First, you should get your driving records and credit records straightened up to show your auto insurance company that you are responsible enough; on the road and financially at the same time. This will be helpful for auto insurance companies to quote you better.
  2. Then you must do research about the different policies that are offered there for students like you. Knowing which type of coverage suits you and your driving patterns can go a long way in savings and protection from accidents and the likes.
  3. Compare for different auto insurance companies. Shop around to see which one can offer you the most protection at reasonable prices.
  4. Choose a car that will be sufficient enough for your needs. Having a nice sports car is cool but it won’t help you in getting that auto insurance to have you start driving ASAP. Having lower ‘risk’ cars can help you get that auto insurance faster and help lower your premiums.
  5. Know the perks of the auto insurance policy you would like to avail. Be in the know in the different terms in your policy to make sure that you are duly protected by your auto insurance coverage as dictated by the automobile laws in your state.
  6. And as you are being quoted by your insurance provider, declare all your records and even driving lessons to fully show everything so that they can assess your application properly. Being in a university environment, which is most likely to be urbanized, there will be more factors that can contribute to your approval. Costs can change also as you declare your driving patterns and recent driving records.
  7. Also, ask your insurance provider any discount for good student grades as it can significantly lower your ‘risk assessment’ and other things such as lower mileage in your car, having more security installations and etc.
  8. Or instead of having your own policy, you can ask your parents to include you in their policy. This can save you lots on money and have you more protected as part of their coverage.
  9. Lastly, if you decided to go on with your own or have yourself under your parents’ policy, consider using your car ‘occasionally’ if it permits. This can lower risks involved in the auto insurance and can get you better rating for your next auto insurance applications.