Changes done with my car, will it be covered?


Should you tell the auto insurance that you are planning to make some changes with your car? 

It is very important that you should tell or inform the auto insurance about the changes that you are planning to do or might have already done. Why do you have to tell them? For the obvious reasons that auto accidents are a little bit common, especially at night. When accidents happen, it is very important the auto insurance companies are aware so that when claiming is inevitable, the changes will also be in the information about the car.

What time should you meet up with the auto insurance agent?

You are mostly busy at the office and hardly able to go out. The best thing you could do is, set an appointment and ask the time and day that the auto insurance is open. Make a bargain with the time because of your special case. This way all questions on your part will be answered in a less haphazard manner.

Your friend recently borrowed you newly customized car without knowing about it. He totaled the car. Should he pay half for the damage? In this situation, you should have made him aware of the modifications you have done with your car. Maybe he could have been more careful not have totaled it.

What would you be able to claim when the car has been repaired if not totaled? 

Some states will be able to let you claim the value of your car before the accident. There are states to watch out for, whose auto insurances that will exclude payments of the diminished value of the car. So you better be careful not to total your car, if possible.

Should the auto insurance policy be canceled officially before it will be switched to a new user? 

The best thing you could do is inform the auto insurance company about your decision about changing the name stated in the insurance. If you simply ignore the bill, the auto insurance company will send another bill because they were not properly informed, which is the company policy. Call the auto insurance company and tell them the details specifically the date that you would like the insurance to be canceled.