Will the Color of My Car Really Affect my Car Insurance?


There is a common misconception that the color of your car or specifically having a bright red car can increase or affect your car insurance. There are certain statistics that show the red cars do get pulled over more by traffic officials and that red automobiles tend to go faster than cars with different colors. This is because most drivers that tend to purchase sports cars that are red in color and most sports cars go really, really fast.

There are also studies that show red cars are more likely to be stolen than any other car with a different color. However having a red sports car does not necessarily mean you will have high car insurance. There are also statistics that show car owners with sports cars are much more careful with the cars that they drive because it is costly to be in a car accident.

Not only is the damage to an expensive sports car demoralizing, it is also much more expensive to pay for the repairs to the damage done to a sports car. Also studies show that flashy red cars are likeliest to be stolen. The main reason for this is because red is a very visible color and is more likely to be seen that say a blue colored car at night.

But don’t despair. Despite the fact that insurance carriers do look at statistics such as the color of the car, they look at information such as driving history and background too. And this information carries more weight than the color of your car. The vehicle information relevant to their evaluation has to do with a car’s made model and year. There are different makes and models and they carry with them different statistics that insurance carriers find important. Also they look at whether there have been modifications made to your car.

A modified or customized car has had changes in the structure and performance of the vehicle. Modifications to the engine and the transmission of the car are frowned upon because of the unpredictable nature of the car and ability of the car to reach high speeds that is not entirely safe. A customized car is more likely to have an affect on your insurance. If you have a clean driving record and have standard car with no modifications, you can get the same car insurance despite the cherry red shine of your brand new automobile.