Why are Insurance Quotations Different for Different Car Types?


Cars like all other items have different kinds and different brands as well. There are cars for the family, quite expensive sports cars, really expensive luxury cars, and a lot more. With these cars, insurance policies differ in prices because of some reasons. Auto Insurance companies consider the value of the car being insured so they can provide better assistance for their car owners. 

What factors are considered in determining the price for the policy to be paid?  

The first factor they check is the initial price of the car. Expensive cars have more expensive body parts when it comes to repairs. Auto insurance companies look at this as they have to provide assistance to expensive car owners when they get into some accidents. If they charge a person with inexpensive quotations and he got into an accident, then the insurance company would be at a loss since they have to pay higher for his repair than what he gives them. What if a luxury car got stolen and the price of its insurance is the same as that with a family wagon; would that be fair on the insurance company’s side? Although insurance companies help people during those accident times; it is still a business that needs to gain income with their service. 

Another factor that auto insurance companies look into is the rate of how often do any type of cars get vandalized or stolen. If the rate for the car that a person is insuring is high, then they would also price him with higher insurance policies. They do this because if a certain car is among one of those favorites of those bad people, then the tendency that their car is likely to get the same “treatment” from those people is higher than usual so they would have to cover him more than the other cars. If the price of insurance for any cars is just the same; then car insurance companies would surely lose their business because of those accidents caused by expensive cars. 

Different auto insurance companies also look into past reports of insurance companies about which cars they had been spending money for fixing or replacing in the past few years. Cars that have a high risk of being stolen will definitely be harder to ensure and the price of its insurance policy would be much higher than the ones that are not that attractive to thieves and vandalizing people. An insurance company is still a business that aims to get income by providing assistance to car owners however they are not willing to give the same priced quotations to different kinds of vehicles. That will not be just fair for them.