Which is preferable, to buy auto insurance from an agent or to buy it direct from the company?


Both choices, purchasing auto insurance from an agent or getting it from an insurance company without a middle man have their advantages and disadvantages. Your choice will eventually be made on what is more convenient to you. Your goal will always be the same – to get the best deal in the quickest time possible. It boils down to what your preference is.

There are those who like to deal with an insurance agent if that agent offers a comprehensive insurance plan for all your needs: life insurance, health insurance, and car insurance. This will be quite handy for a busy person and may save time and money.

However, going to an insurance company directly nowadays offers the same convenience. There are plenty of major insurance companies that offer a one-shop-stop type of insurance coverage. You could drop by a company’s office if it’s not too far away, or you could do it on the Internet. Either way, you will get quotes from them and buy your insurance plan in a matter of minutes.

You could merely be renewing your insurance plan or are doing it for the first time. In both cases, you already know the type of insurance that you need without requiring advice, and know your way around when you have to file a claim. So dealing directly with the insurer may work best for you.  If you are unsure as to what coverage you should have, doing it through an insurance agent could be very helpful.

An agent will provide personalized service, recommend a plan to suit your situation, explain limits on policy, and help you out more when time comes for filing a claim. There are two types of agents – brokers who work independently for a couple of insurance companies, and those who work exclusively for a particular insurance company.