What should I do when I have been ordered to bring with me an SR-22 but I do not have a car of my own?


A state regulatory group could require an insurance firm to confirm that a particular driver can pay future minimum claims as mandated by the state. This is why some people have to carry an SR-22. It is proof that a person is financially responsible.

If you do not own a car, you will buy a non-owner’s SR-22. It provides coverage for liability claims. Not owning a vehicle will not prevent the requirement of an SR-22. The SR-22 is categorized under liability insurance. It has been designed to protect other people who may get injured in a vehicular mishap that you have been found to be the negligent party.

There are those who mistakenly believe that a non-owner’s liability plan covers all the bases when in comes to liability claims. No. It covers liability only up to the confines of the policy that you paid for. For one, such a policy does not include coverage on the car that you drove during the accident. It only covers liability that you the driver may have caused to happen.

Every state has its rules on SR-22 but generally, this policy does not provide coverage for vehicles under your name, vehicles that are in your home, and vehicles that you are allowed to use regularly or often. If you have vehicles that fall under the categories just mentioned, do not buy a non-owner’s insurance plan.

You can get a non-owner’s liability SR-22 plan with some companies. Go online, get a quote for a non-owner’s SR-22 insurance, click on the link and put in your zip code. If a non-owner’s plan is presented, point out that you do not have a car on top of the vehicle page. Get in touch with the company’s sales center and they will help you buy a non-owner’s policy.