What factors do auto insurance rates depend on?


Auto insurance rates depend on several factors. The rule of thumb is that every aspect of your driving that can negate the chance of an accident will get you lower auto insurance rate and vice versa. Although there is no direct relation, age can contribute to your auto insurance rates. For example, teens usually get very high auto insurance rates. This is because they are amongst the greatest risk groups. Teens are usually known for getting distracted by their friends and by texting habits. Similarly, seniors who are above 55 or 60 years of age could get a higher premium because they are more vulnerable to accidents partly due to slowing reflexes. There are 55+ driving courses though, which will allow seniors to refresh their driving habits and learn a thing or two about careful driving in spite of flattening reflexes.

Auto insurance rates are directly proportional to how much you are likely to drive. Therefore middle aged professionals who commute to work get higher premiums compared to housewives or retired seniors, who are not as likely to drive on a regular basis. Auto insurance rates vary from one state to another as well. In some states, the number of cars on the road is much higher leading to more number of accidents. Such states have higher auto insurance rates. Similarly, due to adverse weather conditions, driving in some hilly areas where it usually rains a lot could cost you more in terms of auto insurance premium. In some cities where the accident rate is low and there are few cars on the road, you will get very affordable auto insurance rates.

Auto insurance also depends on the type of vehicle you are using. A family sedan with all protective mechanisms will get you cheap auto insurance. On the other hand, if you are driving a vintage car or a SUV, you will get expensive auto insurance. This is because expensive cars are also quite expensive when it comes to damage repairs. Also, the risk of accidents goes higher with SUVs where the individuals are more likely to drive faster. Lastly, your own driving record and credit history could be important contributing factors to your auto insurance. If your own driving record doesn’t show any accidents or traffic violations for over 3 years, you will attract cheap auto insurance rates. Similarly, those who have a good credit history will find it easier to get cheaper auto insurance.