What do I need if it’s the first time I’m getting auto insurance?


A first car is a wonderful thing. Be it the pick-up truck you’ve been asking for so you can take your friends to the beach, or the beat down ugly moss green “classic muscle car” you’ve been eyeing at the used car store, you’ll never forget your first car.

Sure after purchasing the car you’re going to want to hop on and take that thing across the country, just immediately get lost on the road headed nowhere. No. The federal government has other ideas. It’s illegal for a car to be driven without insurance. Before you hop on and take a joyride anywhere, you’re going to have to do some dirty work. You have to get your own auto insurance.

First off the list is getting an insurance quote from a reputable company. This is basically just a form you’ll have to fill in with your personal information. There will be questions about your driving history (if any), and all kinds of information about you and your use of the automobile. Be sure to answer all questions carefully and correctly –lying is considered insurance fraud, and you know that insurance fraud is a federal offense. Also, the information you will provide on your quote will be used to determine your insurance premium, that is, the basic charge you will have to cover before you move on.

Your credit information may also factor into your premium, or insurance rate. Be sure to give any and all information as best you can, because insurance companies will investigate this information. Any lies and deceitful information can only cause delays or worse, cancellation and denial of insurance.

Also if you’ve been insured in the past, this will help to speed things up and lower your rates. Being already insured means financial stability, or lower risk, all in all contributing to a lower premium.

Additionally, as a first timer, it would be easier to get a car that falls into a lower insurance group. This means a cheaper car. Not only will this be easier for your finances, but also for your future insurance plans. Maintaining a no-claim profile is easier than you think, the same so with maintaining a clean no-point driving record –you just need to follow driving laws as best you can.

Of course through all this you will need to know as much about your car as you can and try to make it as safe a car as possible. These too will lower your risk factor.