What are the key premium saving tips that makes a difference?


Auto insurance premium is a recurring expense every month, so planning it carefully is important to every automobile owner. Auto insurance premium depends on many things apart from the driving record of the individual and the car model that the auto owner drives. Because comprehensive insurance policy covers all damages due to natural disasters, or vandalisms, and even thefts, people opting for comprehensive insurance policies need to be aware of the geographical condition of the location. Areas with adverse climate, high crime rate, or unfavorable road conditions through the year have a higher premium rate than other areas.

Just like the insurance premium increases depending upon many things, there are also several factors that help in reducing the premiums as well. Some of the factors that will help in getting successful discounts in premium rates are listed below:

  • Defensive driving discounts are given by almost all insurance companies, since it helps the drivers to be safe on roads. These discounts can be applied to the premium rate after the policy holder produces the completion certificate.
  • Buying insurance for the whole family in the same insurance companies qualifies every driver for a discount. Insuring multiple cars is cheaper than insuring a single car in the same insurance company.
  • Maintaining the car well, and updating it with all the safety fixtures that will help in making the drive safe, will ensure some discounts. Having a safe car to drive certainly decreases the chances of accidents on roads, and therefore decreases the premium rates.
  • If the car model is old, then paying very high premium rates does not make sense. Updating the model of the car to an insurance company safe model according to the statistics that insurance companies refer to, is a good idea. The models that the insurance companies think safe on roads usually have very low premium rates.

Buying enough insurance policies should never depend upon the premium rates. Reviewing the policies every year will certainly help in bringing down the premium rates. Although liability coverage is the only mandatory coverage in USA, but buying only liability insurance will not ensure the personal safety of the policy holder, since it protects the other driver involved in the collision. Having enough coverage will surely save money in the event of collision, even if the premium rates are slightly on the higher end. It gives the peace of mind knowing that there is enough coverage when driving.